Funny Coffee Signs – Sometimes I Like Coffee More Than People Pink Sign

Funny Coffee Signs - Sometimes I Like Coffee More Than People Pink Sign

Our sign Funny Coffee Signs – Sometimes I Like Coffee More Than People printable sign in bright pink can be placed inside the coffee counter to brighten up the customer’s day.

What’s the best way to start your day with a smile and a cup of liquid gold? Well, look no further than those hilarious funny coffee signs to print! These witty and amusing signs can add a touch of humor to any kitchen, break room, or café, making that first sip of the morning just a little bit more enjoyable. Some of these funny coffee signs to print include iconic phrases like “Sometimes I like coffee more than people”.

With so many different funny coffee signs to print available, there’s sure to be one that speaks (or should I say, brews?) to your particular sense of humor. So go ahead, hang that hilarious sign in your favorite coffee nook or gift one to your fellow caffeine addicts.

About this funny coffee sign

  • Sign Color: Pink and Brown
  • Printable File Format: PDF File
  • Archive Contents: ZIP Archive contains PDF & JPEG
  • Paper Size: US Letter
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Required Software: Adobe Reader

How to print this sign

Click the Green “Download PDF” button to save the file as a PDF. Simply Open the file in your favorite PDF program and Print. You’ll usually find the “Print” command under “File”.

Click the Grey “Download ZIP” button to download both a JPEG and a PDF file in an archive. Use your favorite Zip software to Unzip the files.

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Supplies you may need

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Howdy! I'm Maxim Ross - an entrepreneur, certified financial educator, project manager, and graphic designer. While working with business owners setting up new ventures, I was hampered by a lack of easily accessible and printable signage. So over the years I created my own signs and printables. I'm more than happy to provide these for anyone who needs them. Simply download, print, laminate and hang. Online: Visit Maxim-Ross.Com to learn more about me! Connect on LinkedIn
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